Sunday, November 6, 2011

quick update

okay so we've made the quick decision that we need to have one more blog. THIS blog is for anything and everything that goes on in the Dutch Bend Hunting Club, and the Dutch Bend Hunting Club only. We're going to make another blog for any of our hunting expeditions, etc that aren't in Dutch Bend, that way we can have a hunting club blog, and then another one for everything else that we do.

so you can see the other blog here.

anyway, things are going as planned. i will be leaving for canada tomorrow evening, and garrett's going to do what he does.

updates soon, uploading a video tonight. stay tuned,

Friday, November 4, 2011

11/4/11 HUNT

Well today`s hunt was bitter-sweet, we saw deer we just did not capitalize on our opportunity.The deer came in way earlier than expected and completely caught us off guard. They were well in bow range when they suddenly stopped and began to become very skid-dish. Then they turned and ran directly back to where they had entered the field. Brian and I were speechless, we had no idea what could have caused the deer to flee the field. When my heart finally stopped pounding, I sat back down in my climber and began to think of an explanation to why the deer suddenly ran out of the field. Then it finally occurred to me, the deer must have seen the yukon parked in the field and were on high alert. As they were walking into our field they picked up our scent where we had walked in. I shook my head in frustration and disbelieve.
Well the deer never blew so we decided to stick out that spot and see if any other deer were in the area. As the evening went on it became apparent that there were no other deer in the area that wanted to feed upon our food plot. Even though no more deer entered the field I had a wonderful time watching the squirrels feed and chase each other around. Darkness slowly fell and we wrapped up our hunt for the afternoon. I had a great time even though we did not get what we were after. There`s always tomorrow!